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Dental Implants Near Dayton

Restore the function and appearance of your smile!

With dental implants, you can permanently restore the function and overall appearance of your smile, regardless of how many missing teeth you have. No other dental treatment replicates the anatomy of natural teeth like implants do! When it comes to restoring your smile, implants are the best option available.

A dental implant is a surgical-grade titanium post—about the size of a tooth root—that is inserted into the bone, next to your other teeth. Its objective is to recreate a functional tooth root to replace a missing tooth. A special abutment is attached to the hollow opening at the top of the implant and extends upwards, out of the gum tissue. The abutment then serves as the base of your new visible "tooth" restoration, such as a crown.

5 Great Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are ideal for replacing any number of teeth necessary. Depending on the patient, they can be customized for individual teeth or full-mouth rehabilitation. A full-arch hybrid restoration can be permanently supported by as few as four implants in some situations.

#1. Oral health

When you lose a tooth the bone around the socket begins to resorb (demineralize). The jawbone requires mechanical action to remineralize itself. With dentures, bridges, and partials, you simply don’t get that action. That is why dental implants help preserve more bone tissue. 

#2. Longevity

With proper care and regular checkups with your dentist, there is no reason your dental implants shouldn’t last 20, 25 years, or beyond. Compare that to dentures, which require replacement around every 7 years, or a dental bridge, which may require replacement after 10 years. 

#3. Comfort

Dentures are notorious for being uncomfortable. It’s not quite the dentures, but the loss of hard and soft tissue underneath the denture that makes it difficult to achieve a great fit after a few years. Since dental implants are embedded in the jawbone and do not put pressure on the gums, they are considered to be the more comfortable option. 

#4. Durability

Apart from the ceramic or zirconia crown, there is not much that can go wrong with the titanium implant post or abutment. You still need to be careful with your restoration, whether it is a crown or implant-supported denture. 

#5. Appearance

Dental implant esthetics have come a long way over the past few decades. Implants can be placed below the ridge of the jawbone, which allows restorations to be placed below the gumline. Therefore, the only visible structure is the crown, which can be shaped and tinted to perfectly match the adjacent teeth.  

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Are Dental Implants Painful?

Does it hurt to get dental implants? Not at all. The truth is that the majority of our patients will feel little to no discomfort throughout their dental implant placement. Most procedures can be completed with a little bit of numbing medication, but some people do request sedation during their appointment. 

You may be prescribed certain medicine to take before and after your treatment to help you recuperate more quickly. Be sure to take all medication as directed to ensure the best results. 

Dental Implants in Bellbrook, OH | Bellbrook DentalDental Implants in Bellbrook, OH | Bellbrook Dental

Are Dental Implants Expensive?

Dental implants may appear to be more of an investment at first when you compare them to other methods of tooth replacement (such as bridges or partials). The caveat is that it that the cost is more initially, but you get a better return on your investment. Most implants do not need to be updated because they will last the rest of a person's life. Whereas other types of restorations tend to require updates every 5-15 years.

Protect your smile by practicing good oral hygiene, flossing every day, and scheduling a checkup with our Bellbrook dentist twice a year. 

How Do Implants Compare to Dentures and Bridges?

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or even a full row of teeth, making them one of the most versatile tooth replacement options available. When comparing the three most popular restorations (dentures, implants, and bridges), you will be confronted with several important considerations. Read on to learn how these compare in terms of cost, longevity, esthetics, comfort, and function.

Full-arch dental implant in Lexington - Schroeder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
Full Arch
Single dental implant in Lexington - Schroeder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
Single Implant
Bridge dental implant in Lexington - Schroeder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

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